Gold Sex Link Pullet

  • A high egg producer, they lay an average of 5 large brown eggs per week.
  • The adult bird weighs approximately 5.5 pounds features a single comb and is suited for all climates.
  • A meat bird, the Gold Sex Link is sometimes broody and usually exhibits a friendly, flighty and calm temperment. They are easily handled.

Gold Sex Link Chickens are bred such that one can easily tell the gender of the birds immediately after hatching. This is very useful for flock owners who want to maintain a specific rooster to hen ratio at all times. Gold Sex Link chickens are a cross breed utilizing the Rhode Island White Female and the Rhode Island Red male. The result is a hardy and robust dual purpose breed with superior egg laying capabilities as well as substantial size for meat. Gold Sex Link chicks are the go-to choice for many commercial egg laying operations for their substantial production as well as their ease of breeding and sexing. One can easily sex or determine of the chicks -Male Gold Sex Link Chicks will be completely white. Female Gold Sex Link Chicks will be white with streaks of red or gold.

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