Lilly Miller Moss Out Lawn Granules, Covers 5,000-Sq. Ft.

  • 20 lb bag
  • Kills lawn moss quickly so grass can ‘reclaim’ the lawn
  • Moss control and greening without excessive growth and frequent mowing

Lawn moss is a common problem in many areas. Moss thrives in damp, shady lawns where the soil is acidic and drainage is poor. Under these conditions moss can spread into areas where grass once grew. Moss can take over a lawn if steps are not taken. Moss can be quickly killed with applications of Moss Out! Lawn Granules. Killing the moss gives grasses a chance to “reclaim” the lawn. Moss Out! Lawn Granules has 10% iron to kill lawn moss and green the grass. Because no fertilizer is added you get the moss control and greening without excessive growth that requires frequent mowing.


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MFG PART # 5601151
SKU: 177165