Wilco Iron Man PTS Fertilizer Blend 12-0-8-14Fe 50 lb.

  • PTS, Slow Release Fertilizer, is ideal where you want minimal applications with lasting impact
  • Iron Man 4 to 8 pounds per thousand square feet; 50 pound bag covers 6,250 to 12,500 sq. ft., 25 pound bag covers 3,125 to 6,250 sq. ft.
  • Rate range is due to how much growth you want to push late winter and early spring
  • Ferrous Sulfate will stain concrete, best if concrete is dry when applied

We recommend using this Iron Man PTS Fertilizer in the early spring when the weather is very damp. This fertilizer contains 14% Iron, good to apply on lawns. Best to apply to moist grass and avoid dry side walks (if it gets wet on sidewalks, it may stain).

  • Spreader Settings
    • 100 lb. Precision Push Broadcast Spreader – 20
    • 100 lb. Earthway Push Broadcast Spreader – 18
    • 65 lb. Green Thumb Deluxe Push Broadcast Spreader – 18
    • Scotts Edgeguard Deluxe Broadcast Spreader – 7.5
    • Scotts Accugreen 3000 Drop Spreader – 9.5

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MFG PART # 10001847
SKU: 9350310