Puppy Colors for Your Daily Pause with Benjamin Moore

June 4, 2021

Puppies are always happy to see you. They make you smile, laugh, feel welcomed and wanted. Why not have your favorite space do the same thing? Maybe your walls can’t be as interactive as your favorite hound, but with the right colors and textures, they can be almost as welcoming and full of warmth. Here are this month’s Benjamin Moore color selections to inspire the room you can escape to when you need a little relaxing “puppy time”.

Get your brushes ready as you review these “dog-gone” colors. We hope they inspire you to renovate a space that will make you want to call it by a pet name.

Golden Retriever 2165-30: Like the loyal bond between you and your favorite canine friend, this equally reliable shade of deep gold exudes an earthy, steadfast confidence and will make you smile or breathe in a breath of fresh air equally well. LRV: 28.46

Caponata AF-650: Infused with purple undertones, this rich dark chocolate creates a lush atmosphere, like the dark hairs just behind Fido’s ears that beg to be rubbed. Whether in a master bedroom or spacious living room, the luxurious feel of Caponata is great for accent walls and trim too. LRV: 4.36

Golden Lab 178: Like a beloved family pet welcoming you home, Golden Lab’s muted yellow hue is warm and inviting. This easy, adaptable shade works well in an entryway or living room. But is equally engaging as an accent or border against a lighter color like Puppy Paws. LRV: 70.49 Not recommended in exterior paint

Puppy Paws 1156: Puppy Paws is part of Benjamin Moore’s Timeless Classic collection. This milky tan is elegant, and guarantees beautiful, usable color and is ready to please, just like your favorite canine. All the time, every time. LRV: 76.83

As you prep for your painting project, make sure you have all of your supplies gathered and any non-paint surfaces covered, taped-off or protected with drop cloth.

A word on textures. You can take your puppy inspired walls to the next level by giving one or more walls a textured, “curly hair” or “ruffled coat” appearance by applying the paint using rag roll techniques, sponges, or textured rollers. Some say these styles are not popular, but depending upon the space, they can add a unique look and “feel” to your space, especially when used to bring out an accent wall, transition space or even a ceiling.

Have fun with your creativity. Change up your season. Above all, make your puppy proud.

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