Spring Moss Control with Mike Darcy

March 13, 2018

If you live in the western part of Oregon or Washington, you can expect to have moss on your roof and in your lawn. Moss can also appear on decks, patios, and walkways. On a roof, moss will cause structural damage if left unchecked, and in a lawn, it will crowd out the grass. The moss on a roof and the moss in a lawn are two different types of moss and the control measures are different. The months of March and April are ideal for applications of either.

For moss on a roof, Moss B Ware is available in a shaker canister. Apply to a roof that is wet and if the roof is pitched, the product can be shaken on the top ridge of the roof and the rains will wash it down through the moss. Do not expect to see results immediately as the moss may not begin to die for 3-4 weeks.

You have probably heard many times that whenever using a chemical product, it is imperative to read and follow the label instructions. I do not think this statement can ever be emphasized too much. The zinc sulfate in Moss B Ware will cause irreversible eye damage if it comes in contact with the eyes. Be sure to apply on a non-windy day and wear safety glasses, (of which Wilco has an excellent selection of), and wear long pants, long sleeve shirt and a pair of gloves.

Moss B Ware is highly toxic to fish, so if you have a pond or water feature with fish, do not apply this product if there is any chance the material might seep into the water. Moss B Ware should also not be applied if there are copper gutters or downspouts. In spite of all of these precautions, applied properly, the product is excellent for getting moss off roofs.

Moss in the lawn is an entirely different matter and I think is easier to control than moss on a roof. My guess is that if you have a lawn and looked at it carefully, you will see moss. Lilly Miller Moss Out for Lawns is an ideal product to apply now and it will kill the moss in lawns quickly without harming the grass. Often the moss will begin turning black in about 24 hours after application and the iron in this product will also make the grass greener. Lilly Miller Moss Out for Lawns will stain walkways and patios as well as shoes, so be aware of this fact when it is being applied. This particular product does not have fertilizer in it, which I like because at this time of year I do not need to encourage my grass to grow!

However, if your lawn does have moss but also needs some fertilizer, try Lilly Miller Moss Out Plus Fertilizer. This is a combination product with fertilizer and iron. As with both of these lawn moss killing products, it is best to mow the lawn first, then apply and water afterward. Rake out the dead moss. If you have just some small patches of moss, Lilly Miller has a shaker canister called Moss Out Spot Treatment.

Getting rid of the moss on a roof or in your lawn is a good early spring project. Get it done now and then you can move on to the fun part of gardening, planting flowers!

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