What Are Stall Mats and How Are They Used?

May 28, 2021

Did you know that stall mats have a wide range of applications beyond lining animal barns? In animal husbandry, stall mats are an incredible and practical material that can reduce fatigue for animals and humans and protect the ground underneath.

Whether you are building your first home gym or want to improve the look and function of your commercial facility, stall mats offer an incredible level of utility for a variety of applications. Ready to uncover the versatility of these indispensable tools? Let us get started!

What Are Stall Mats?

If you are not familiar with the homesteading or farming life, you may be wondering what horse stall mats are in the first place. Maybe a friend recommended them for your boat dock or home patio. Whatever the case, horse stall mats are durable and versatile enough for many uses outside of farms.

Stall mats are anti-skid floor mats, usually made of recycled rubber crumbs or high-density EVA foam, that are generally used in horse stalls and animal barns to keep their muscles and joints from getting fatigued. In the barn, these soft and durable mats can provide a more supple yet stable walking and standing environment compared to hard floors such as concrete.

In addition, stall mats help prevent the erosion of dirt or crushed rock under stall floors from general wear and tear. Cleaning a barn can be difficult but stall mats are easy to clean and disinfect and prevent bedding from mixing with the subsurface material.

Stall mats come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and thicknesses. The weight of the stall mat depends on these factors. For example, a 4 x 6 foot and ¾” thick stall mat can weigh about 100 pounds. Mats can be thinner, smaller, and perforated, which can lower their overall weight.

Beyond the Stall: Residential and Commercial Applications

Stall mats can go beyond the rural farm setting. Explore a wide range of shapes and colors for your particular needs. Essentially, stall mats are very durable and resistant to wear, making them ideal for a variety of industrial, commercial, and residential applications.

Generally, thicknesses range from ⅜” to ¾” for a variety of uses, although some mats can be several inches thick for heavy duty and all-weather use. In addition, you can cut the mat into any shape to fit any space. While horse stall mats were originally intended for the equine industry, they have branched out due to its incredible utility.

Now, these rubber mats can be found everywhere from athletic facilities to fitness centers to semi-truck trailers and truck beds. They can be used as patio flooring, anti-fatigue surfaces in assembly lines, roof walkways, and so much more!

Stall Mat Benefits

Stall mats are an essential feature in almost every home and commercial facility, not just horse barns.

Some of its beneficial characteristics include:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Shock-absorbent
  • Sound dampening
  • Slip-resistant
  • Waterproof/Weatherproof
  • Non-absorbent
  • Impact-resistant
  • UV-resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Insulating
  • Drainage
  • Anti-fatigue

If you are looking for a high-quality stall mat, ensure it has all of these characteristics. Best of all, it can go over a variety of surfaces including dirt, sand, clay, concrete, asphalt, and wood surfaces after the appropriate preparation.

Stall mats can be affordable, easy on human and animal legs, prevent falls near wet environments, protect floors from sharp or heavy objects, and be easy to clean when they get dirty. Plus, they can last for decades, so you will not need to replace them regularly.

Assembly Lines

Assembly line operators must stand in the same position for hours on end. Over time, this repetitive work can cause wear and tear on the body causing sore feet, swollen legs, lower back pain, and stiff neck and shoulders.

These physical discomforts cannot only hurt employees but cause an increase in absenteeism hurting a business’s productivity and bottom line.

Apart from comfortable footwear with the proper arch support, a supportive standing surface can improve workplace safety and employee health.

Instead of standing directly on concrete or metal, employers can use stall mats with slanted edges to reduce the risk of tripping without being too cushioned, which can cause fatigue and an increased risk of tripping.

Most importantly, rubber mats can promote micro-movements in the leg muscles to keep assembly line workers regularly adjusting their feet instead of holding a single position for several hours.

Micro-movements can stimulate the circulatory system, reduce fatigue, and joint and muscle pain. In addition, these small changes in standing position can reduce tension in the neck and shoulders, which can reduce back pain and headache frequency.

Horse and Livestock Trailers

Stall mats for horse and livestock trailers are an investment in your trailers and animals. On the floor and on the sides, the durable surface can protect horse hooves or other livestock from fatigue during the long journey.

During the bumpy and shaky ride, mats can provide a firm grip for horse and animal legs. Simply drill and screw the mats against the trailer and its walls or use a urethane adhesive. Not only do you protect your trailer but also your horse’s hooves.

On the sides of the trailer, these mats can function as kick guards if you have a horse that is known for kicking stall walls. It can protect your horse’s hips, ankles, and legs which can get injured if kicking.

In addition, if you are traveling through cold-weather areas, the extra layer of insulation from the rubber material helps keep your horses and livestock body temperatures at optimal levels.

Transporting animals can be a dirty and tough job. Stall mats can be protective against animal urine, feces, and other secretions. Also, they are very easy to clean after a ride, so you can get back on the road.

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Horse Stall Mat

Pools and Gardens

Whether you want a non-slip and waterproof surface to place around the walking areas of your inground pool or a stable and durable support for your above ground pool, stall mats are an economical, functional, and stylish alternative to other materials.

For above ground or inflatable pools, a stable and durable base is critical. If placed on natural ground, the ground can become muddy and soft from splashing water. In addition, the step-ladder/stairs leading up to the pool can dig into the ground without protection.

The ground underneath (rocks, weeds, roots, pests, etc) the pool can cause damage to the liner and lead to a leak. Rubber mats are resilient enough to withstand sharp objects and punctures, thereby, increasing the longevity of your above ground pool.

A stall mat layer can protect the pool by providing a firm and resilient foundation. Stall mats’ waterproof capability  prevents moisture absorption and can go over any ground including concrete or other hard surface.

Outside the above ground or inground pool area, stall mats provide a non-slip and shock-absorbing surface. When the fun gets too dicey, the mat provides pool-goers with a soft landing in the event someone trips and falls going in or out of the pool.

The open-backed mat allows for easy drainage to keep the high traffic areas and walking surfaces dry to prevent slips and falls. In addition, the surface material protects feet from blistering hot surfaces or objects on the ground when walking bare footed.

For gardening, stall mats can save you time and money, as well as aches and pains. They are easy on the feet so you can garden all day long and even bend down and kneel with ease. They are also durable enough to drag large containers or even a wheelbarrow.

If placed around your raised garden bed, these mats can act as a mulch alternative, which can help prevent weed growth, warm the soil, and reduce the risk of soil-borne diseases.

They work great in garden rows and walkways. Even when watering your plants, their anti-skid construction prevents you from slipping on its surface.

Subfloor Protection

Rubber mats can be installed over a variety of flooring or sub-floors. A subfloor is the foundation for the underlayment and surface levels of a floor. Protecting this vital base is crucial to maintaining the integrity and stability of your floors.

Rubber mats can be installed under hardwood, ceramic tile, stone, laminate flooring, and more. Rubber is resistant to moisture, mold, and mildew, provides excellent sound dampening, and can act as an insulating material.

Installation is as easy as using a polyurethane adhesive, nails, staples, or double-sided tape.

Overall, this material can increase the durability of your flooring to improve its longevity and resilience against cracks and general wear and tear.

Boat Docks and Ramps

Stall mats are an excellent anti-skid material for your boat, yach, or dock. For any watercraft vessel and marina, the rubber mats provide an incredible non-slip and weather-resistant surface.

Perforated mats have a non-slip surface and are durable for use on or off your watercraft. Plus, they are meant to withstand any type of weather out at sea or on the dock. Reduce the risk of slipping around the marina or boat with these mats.

When your water vessel dock side, a boat dock mat is the ideal surface for safe and secure entering and disembarking of the boat. It provides enough traction, even under wet conditions and boats in motion.

Its soft yet durable construction provides a comfortable surface, especially for bare feet. When exposed to direct sunlight, it will not burn your feet after long hours out at sea.

In addition, these mats can protect your boat dock or ramp from damage from hauling heavy fishing and scuba equipment onto your watercraft. On your watercraft, they can secure your cargo without damaging your boat’s surface.

Boat Ramp Rubber Mat

Handicap Access Ways

For smooth entry across a variety of surfaces, beveled stall mats provide a safe surface for wheelchair accessibility. Rubber mats can inspire confidence in those in wheelchairs by giving them access across difficult surfaces.

For example, rubber mats can help the physically disabled, those in a wheelchair, or those with a walker or cane walk with ease. In sandy beaches, a rubber mat becomes a firm surface on which wheels or walkers can go across.

Rubber mats can also provide slip-resistance to reduce tripping hazards when people are using mobility devices.

Ski Lodges

In a ski resort, rubber mats can be strategically placed in a variety of locations including ski lift stations, ramps, stairways, entrances, offices, restaurants, and ski lodges.

After a long day hitting the bunny or black diamond slopes, the ski lodge is a safe haven to recuperate from your aching feet, fatigued legs, and biting chill. Ski lodge flooring must be able to stand up to heavy foot traffic and heavy impact of guests.

Snow-covered shoes, heavy-duty boots, ski tips and poles, and dragged sleds can all impact the ski lodge floors. Not to mention, they can bring in snow, which can melt and form puddles and become a safety hazard.

In entrances and walkways, rubber floor mats with beveled edges reduce the risk of tripping with any type of footwear and provide accessibility for wheelchair use.

A floor mat with a grid pattern at the entrances of the ski lodge can act as a shoe scraper that can remove most of the snow from the bottom of a boot. Snow becomes trapped in the openings, melts, and drains through the sides.

Spike Protection

Spike protection from stall mats is one of its most lauded characteristics. If you are working in a recreational or sporting area or any other facility that encounters spiked footwear or equipment, a rubber floor mat can help.

Rubber mats can protect the surface underneath from cleats, golf shoes, skates, or any other spike or sharp object that can drive into your floor. Use them in gyms, locker rocks, and skating rinks.

Changing Areas

Changing room areas are a high-risk environment for slips and falls. Stall mats can work great in leisure centers, locker rooms, and other changing rooms, especially in consistently wet or moist spaces from water or sweat.

On rubber mats with holes, the risk for slipping is very low, especially if you are coming straight from the shower stall or locker room bare-footed.

In changing areas, stall mats with holes can help with drainage. Water does not accumulate and instead drains away leaving a surface with plenty of traction. Mats can prevent puddling, which also prevents getting your socks wet.

Golf Courses and Lounges

Stall mats can even be found in golf courses and lounges. These mats can provide the perfect slip-resistant surface to help protect your ground from a player’s golf cleats, golf clubs, and heavy bags.

Rubber mats provide incredible durability that can withstand the heavy foot traffic and even golf carts under any condition, wet or not. Use them on walkways, golf bridges, steps, entrances, and other areas that require good traction and weatherproofing.

Ice Rink Blade Protection

In the rigorous and high-impact environment of ice rinks, stall mats can stand up to the demanding and repetitive use of hockey, figure, and speed skate blades. Use them in high-traffic areas such as locker rooms, bench areas, entryways, penalty boxes, and more.

The heavy-duty floor mats can protect rink floors from the sharp and piercing ice skating equipment and also reduce wear and tear on the equipment so you do not need to keep replacing it.

If any ice is tracked out of the rink and melts in the arena or if anyone spills a drink, it can pose a safety hazard increasing the risk of slips and falls. Rubber floor mats are waterproof so any melted ice will not increase the risk of injury.

Rubber mats’ strong grip and traction can prevent slips and falls. In the event of a fall, they can give your skaters an easy and soft landing.


Installing a rubber mat material on steps can provide a sturdy surface making it extremely easy to go up or down stairs.

As a person ages, going upstairs can become more difficult and pose a larger hazard in the event of a fall. In addition, if it is rainy or snowy, the risk of slipping while going up or down stairs can increase.

A rubber tread makes it super comfortable to go up stairs even if you are wearing heels. They can handle the outdoor elements such as rain or snow so they are perfect for outside and can fit any size of step.

Rubber mats can even go inside your home on your stairs to improve the grip on potentially slippery surfaces, especially if you have kids or pets that like to play around the steps.

If you are prone to picking up dirt or mud on your shoes when working outside, the non-slip surface and openings on these rubber surfaces can help you scrape away this debris to get a better footing.

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Patios and Decks

Rubber mats can do wonders outdoors to improve the safety and look on your patios, decks, and terraces. Stall mats are resistant to UV, water, snow ensuring it lasts for decades and will not degrade with regular use.

If you want to improve the livability and comfort of your patio or deck, stall mats can create a comfy zone meant to entertain guests or for you to relax alone under a blanket of stars.

It is also durable enough to hold any heavy patio furniture such as chairs, tables, chaise lounges, couches, fire pits, or other weather-resistant furniture. It also keeps these items from damaging your outdoor surface such as hardwood, asphalt, concreter, or ceramic.

Backyard Deck Protection

Semi Trailer Flooring

In semi-truck trailers, hardwood floor lining is a common choice among truck drivers. The tough wood is capable of withstanding the constant loading and unloading of heavy freight and cargo for long periods of time.

If you want to extend the longevity of your trailer deck, rubber mats are a durable and long-lasting alternative. Compared to lumber, rubber mats will not rot. In addition, it offers improved surface traction compared to hardwood decking.


Unlike traditional flooring, basement flooring plays by its own rules. Because it is so close to the ground, it has a higher risk of leaching residual moisture as a vapor. In addition, heavy rains can cause flooding. Rubber mats can protect your belongings from excess moisture since it is water-resistant.

Rubber flooring in the form of stall mats can be an excellent choice for some, not all, basements. If storing heavy items down there, the rubber’s shock absorbent construction can protect your floor.

This material can also provide additional insulation against subfloor temperatures, the perfect material to protect your feet from cold surfaces like concrete while providing the right cushioning for your joints and muscles.

Runways and Walkways

Protection mats provide a stable and anti-slip surface for paths, runways, and walkways. Walkways include anywhere where there is a lot of foot traffic such as beach access paths, event flooring, pedestrian walkways, and construction site walkways.

Essentially, they work for runways and walkways in industrial, commercial, and residential facilities.

For example, a roof walkway pad can stand up to rain or snow and provide great traction for maintenance staff under the wettest conditions. It can also reduce damage to the roof’s surface from frequent foot traffic.

In high-traffic areas when servicing equipment on the roof, stall mats can be placed in strategic locations such as roof hatches, ladders, and in front of doors.

Stall mats can also be used in heavy-duty industrial walkways such as on oil rigs, mines, engine rooms, cell towers, refineries, and oil and gas drilling pads.

On runways and running track surfaces, rubber mats can protect the surfaces from cleats and other spiked footwear, as well as heavy foot traffic and motorized vehicles. Use them on sidelines or on the field to protect runways from excessive wear and tear.

RB Rubber, 3/4 in. Rubber Stall Mat, 4 x 6 ft.

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In an effort to improve parks trails with a focus on sustainability, stall mats made from recycled rubber are a perfect choice. Compared to the hard and unforgiving surface of pavement, the stall mat material can be a soft and comfortable surface that feels like walking on air.

It is perfect for the joints to reduce fatigue for jogging or if you just want to relax and enjoy the wonders of nature. It can handle strollers, wheelchairs, bicycles, roller blades, and skateboards.

Whether you want to improve the walkability of your trail, renovate an old park, create a pleasant trail path, or set up a community trail, this material can be the ideal ergonomic and weatherproof solution.

Home Gym

Rubber is not the only home gym floor option, but it is the most versatile, capable of handling any type of workout. If you are setting up your first home gym, rubber stall mats are an affordable and durable choice that can last for ages.

Rubber mats are very shock absorbent making them ideal flooring materials for hardcore workouts such as T25, P90X, and plyometrics. They also work if you do not have enough space for a home gym inside. Just take them outside to get your workout on.

In addition, if you start to get a bit too sweaty, the floor is slip- and water-resistant, the perfect combination for home gyms.

Rubber stall mats’ anti-skid surface is the perfect flooring solution for any size home gym, or even commercial gym. At an affordable price, this material is durable enough to facilitate any exercise including sit ups, deadlifts, bench press, squats, and more.

With so much heavy equipment around, floor mats provide superior resilience for the long haul, even if barbells or other heavy equipment are dropped. You will not need to worry about damage to your floor from these sharp and heavy objects.

Gym Floor Rubber Mat

Overcoming the Downsides of Stall Mats: Invest in High Quality Mats

Stall mats are an affordable, functional, durable, and long-lasting material that can protect you and your surfaces. However, the quality and maintenance of the product is important for optimal function.

Many people have called out stall mats for their intense and pungent rubbery aroma, especially when you first install it. In many cases, low-quality stall mats require the right type of ventilation to offset the intense odor.

However, investing in a high-quality stall mat reduces or eliminates many of its perceived downsides such as its strong tire-like smell. High quality stall mats omit almost no odor so that your facility will be safe, free of bad odors, and look great.

In addition,  some people have complained that moisture can leak between seals. To overcome this problem, sealing the seams between the rubber mats with a waterproof bonding agent protects your floors to create a one-piece floor.

Shop Stall Mats at Wilco Farm Stores

If you are ready to take your facility or home to the next level, invest in a high-quality stall mat, available at Wilco Farm Stores.

Shop rubber stall mats from RB, a leader in rubber matting solutions. Stall mats are available in a range of thicknesses, lengths, and colors.

The benefits of RB stall mats include:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Durable
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to clean
  • American made
  • Minimal odor

For a  stall mat solution that does not smell like rubber, explore RB’s rubber flooring solutions at Wilco farm stores.