Time for A Gut Check

November 2, 2019

Has your horse been acting “off” lately? They could be suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome.

Symptoms of a leaky gut include reduced performance, changes in personality, colic, diarrhea, weight loss, and allergies.

Does your horse have leaky gut

Go with your gut and have him checked by a vet to be sure.

In the meantime, help relieve symptoms by giving your horse a feed with ingredients that help optimize intestinal function.  Only Triple Crown feeds with EquiMix® provide the added protection of ButiPEARL™ Z EQ by Kemin® in every bag of feed so you can be sure you are doing what’s best to protect your horse from Leaky Guy Syndrome, every day.

ButiPEARL™ Z EQ — the first product of its kind on the market — provides supplemental butyric acid and zinc to help strengthen the intestinal tract of the horse.


Strengthening the lining of the gut is vital to the health and performance of the horse, as it: 

  • Improves nutrient absorption 
  • Provides a strong barrier against pathogens, parasites and toxins 

If the intestinal barrier is compromised — either through damage of the cells that make up the lining or by breakdown of the tight junctions — harmful substances can cross into the bloodstream. This barrier damage is typical of horses under stress and is often referred to as Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). Providing two powerful nutrients (butyric acid and zinc) directly to the cells that make up the intestinal barrier can lead to a lower incidence of LGS, thereby improving the performance, behavior and overall health of your horse.


The unique encapsulation technology used to make ButiPEARL Z EQ ensures that the target nutrients are released slowly throughout the entire intestinal tract of the horse. Through this timely release process, the tight junctions are coated and strengthened — improving the integrity of the intestinal lining. 

  • Butyric acid functions: 
    • Strengthen tight junctions1,2
    • Provide energy source used in the growth and development of the intestinal lining3
    • Support immune function4
    • Reduce gut inflammation4
  • Zinc functions: 
    • Strengthen tight junctions5
    • Expedite wound healing

Build A Barrier Against Leaky Gut


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