Truck Bed Toolbox Roundup

December 6, 2023

Efficiency on the farm or in the shop starts with organization, and a reliable truck bed toolbox is key to keeping your tools safe, accessible, and in order.

Wilco Farm Stores understands the need for rugged, durable tool storage solutions that can handle the demands of daily labor. That’s why we’ve put together a roundup of the best aluminum truck bed toolboxes to streamline your workday.

From weather-resistant materials to spacious, secure designs, our selection is geared to keep your essentials at hand when you need them most.

Why Aluminum Is the Way to Go

Selecting the right material for your truck bed toolbox is critical, and aluminum is the champion for farm and shop use for several reasons:

Lightweight Strength

Aluminum offers an unparalleled strength-to-weight ratio. It’s light enough not to burden your truck but durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear without suffering dents or damage.

Weather Resistant

The natural corrosion resistance of aluminum means it won’t rust or deteriorate under rainy skies or sun exposure, perfect for the unpredictable outdoor conditions on a farm or at a work site.

Enduring Quality

An aluminum toolbox is a long-term investment. It maintains its integrity over years of use, ensuring that the initial purchase pays off continuously in terms of longevity.

Secure Storage

With robust locking mechanisms, aluminum toolboxes keep your tools safe. High-quality latches and secure fittings mean that your gear is protected against theft and loss.

Features That Matter

Choosing a toolbox for your truck bed isn’t just about picking a storage solution; it’s about selecting a companion that will safeguard your tools and enhance your efficiency on the job.

Wilco Farm Stores understands this well, which is why our selection of toolboxes is durable and designed with the user in mind. Here’s what you can expect from Wilco’s range of truck bed toolboxes:

Superior Materials

Each toolbox is constructed from non-rusting .056 Brite-Tread aluminum, ensuring longevity and resilience against the elements—a necessity for the rigorous demands of farm and shop life.

Secure Locking Systems

Security is non-negotiable in tool storage. Wilco’s boxes feature lockable stainless steel paddle handle latches, ensuring that your equipment remains secure, whether you’re on the move or parked at a job site.

Organizational Ease

With removable plastic trays designed to keep smaller items neatly organized, Wilco’s toolboxes help you maintain order and efficiency. No more rummaging for small tools at the bottom of your box.

Made in USA Quality

Wilco’s commitment to supporting domestic manufacturing is evident in our toolbox offerings—all made in the USA, ensuring quality craftsmanship and support for American workers.

Tailored Designs

From the full-size crossover to the low-profile black aluminum options, there’s a toolbox to fit every truck and need. Wilco’s toolboxes come in various dimensions and volumes, from 8.4 to 12 cubic feet, providing the perfect fit for your vehicle and storage requirements.

Advanced Lid Structures

Each box features a crown-style lid with a full pan double-V stiffener for enhanced rigidity. This means that the lid doesn’t warp or wobble with repeated use.

Gas Shocks and Lid Strikers

The inclusion of dampened gas shocks for smooth opening and self-adjusting lid strikers is ideal for ease of use. These features allow for a gentle and reliable lid operation every time.

Additional Features

Beyond the basics, some models boast push-button locks for ease, self-aligning hoop lid strikers for improved security, and built-in storage bins for even more organizational options.

Weight and Size Variety

Ranging from 56 to 112 pounds and various dimensions, there is a toolbox designed to meet the capacity needs without unnecessarily weighing down your vehicle.

Weather-Resistant Construction

With features like closed-cell foam gaskets and corrosion-resistant materials, these toolboxes are built to withstand adverse weather, keeping your tools dry and protected.

In-Depth Look: Wilco’s Toolbox Selection

Wilco Farm Stores takes pride in offering a robust selection of truck bed toolboxes tailored for the hardworking farmer and shop owner. Here’s a closer look at the range of toolboxes available, providing the specifics that make each option stand out.

Wilco Full-Size Truck Crossover Tool Box Black

  • Materials and Build: Crafted from .056 Brite-Tread Aluminum, this box promises durability and non-rust performance.
  • Size: With dimensions of L69.5” x W20” x H13.2” and a volume of 8.4 cu. ft., it offers ample space without overwhelming your truck bed.
  • Unique Features: Stainless steel paddle handle latches maintain security, while a removable plastic tray enhances organization. Made in the USA, it assures quality and local craftsmanship.
  • Weight: At 72 lbs, it’s a solid choice that balances weight and sturdiness.

DeeZee Full-Size Truck Tool Box Texture Black

  • Construction: The .056 Brite-Tread Aluminum with a textured black finish provides a sleek look while protecting against oxidation.
  • Size: Matching the Wilco’s size, this DeeZee toolbox also boasts a volume of 8.4 cu. ft.
  • Design Details: The black-tread powder coat not only adds to the aesthetics but also enhances the toolbox’s durability.
  • Weight: Slightly lighter at 71 lbs, it’s nearly identical in portability to the Wilco option.

DeeZee Red Label Crossover Tool Box

  • Tough Exterior: Non-rusting .056 Brite-Tread aluminum with a Crown-style lid and full-length hidden hinge for lid support.
  • Weather-Resistant Features: Closed-cell foam gasket helps keep elements out.
  • Ergonomics: Lockable stainless steel paddle or pull handle latches for ease of use.
  • Capacity: Weighing 65 lbs, with dimensions of 20” x 63” x 12”.

Wilco 69.5” Crossover Tool Truck Box – Black

  • Strength: The internal bends add superior body strength, making this box a reliable choice for demanding tasks.
  • Accessibility: Self-adjusting lid strikers and lockable stainless steel or black pull-handle latches offer both security and ease of use.
  • Dimensions: With a footprint of L69.5” x w20”x H13.2”, it provides the same storage capacity as the first two options.
  • Weight: At 71 lbs, this toolbox is designed for those who value strength and functionality.

Wilco Full-Size Crossover Tool Truck Box Deep

  • Capacity: Deeper design for more storage, with a 12 cu. ft. volume.
  • Durability: Built with .056 Brite-Tread aluminum and reinforced with a crown-style lid.
  • Locking Mechanism: Stainless steel paddle handle latches for security.
  • Size and Weight: Measuring 69.75″ x 20″ x 18.25″, and weighing 80 lbs.

Wickum Weld Standard-Sized Truck Box

  • Locking Mechanism: Push-button locks on both sides offer convenience and security.
  • Serviceability: All components are bolted, which means that any repairs or replacements are straightforward.
  • Weight and Size: This toolbox is moderately sized, with its weight of 97 lbs reflecting its heavy-duty build.
  • Physical Specs: Dimensions are 20” x 69” x 15”.

Wickum Weld Standard Size Heavy Duty Single Lid Truck Box

  • Robust Construction: Push-button locks and removable sliding tray for organization.
  • Serviceability: Designed with bolted components for ease of repair.
  • Mounting Kit: Included for convenient installation.
  • Heft and Size: This Wickum Weld box has a weight of 97 lbs and dimensions of 20” x 70” x 15”.

Crescent Jobox Black Aluminum Full-Size Low-Profile Truck Tool Box

  • Lid Design: The RSL™ laminated rigid structural lid bolster provides exceptional strength.
  • Security Features: Gear-Lock™ latches keep your tools secure, complemented by wide stainless steel paddle handles.
  • Accessibility: Self-rising lids with dual gas spring lifts for easy access.
  • Organizational Extras: Small parts storage tray and built-in storage bins on both ends offer unmatched organization options.
  • Weight and Size: Weighing 56 lbs with dimensions of 20.25 × 69.12 × 14.25 in, it’s a versatile option that doesn’t sacrifice storage space for a low-profile design.

Maximizing Your Truck’s Potential

At Wilco Farm Stores, we recognize that a truck bed toolbox is an essential part of your daily workflow. That’s why we offer a selection of aluminum truck toolboxes designed to be durable, secure, and convenient. Each model in our lineup addresses the practical needs of keeping tools organized and accessible so that you can work with efficiency and peace of mind.