Using an Airless Paint Sprayer – Wagner Flexio 570

September 9, 2020

We all love the look of a new or freshly painted fence or deck. But sometimes the process of getting there can be daunting, time-consuming and even complicated.

Using an Airless Paint Sprayer Blog

This min-tutorial addresses a few keys to using an airless sprayer to make the process faster and cleaner but still get great-looking results.

Using an Airless Paint Sprayer Blog

  1. Familiarize yourself with the sprayer operation
    1. Connecting sprayer parts (body, nozzle end, reservoir)
    2. Air flow control
    3. Product flow control
    4. Angle of spray (vertical or horizontal)
    5. Steps for cleaning (disassembling and cleaning)

    Using an Airless Paint Sprayer Blog

  2. Mask and tape areas you don’t want sprayed
  3. Mix material (if mixing needed)
  4. Pay attention to wind and temperature
    1. It’s best to spray on calm days with little wind so you don’t waste material and only spray what you want sprayed.
    2. Paint/stain flows best near room temperature- so a mild day of 68 to 72 degrees is ideal.

    Using an Airless Paint Sprayer Blog

  5. Prepare the surface to be painted or stained if needed. If renewing a deck or existing previously stained fence, cleaning will allow for the best product contact and protection.
  6. Spraying motions
    1. Hold sprayer perpendicular to the surface being painted<
    2. Use smooth motions as you pull the trigger to release product (On our Flexio 570 in the video example, a half-pull of the trigger primes the turbine so that product doesn’t sputter out as the turbine picks up speed. Always let the turbine reach its full speed before fully depressing the trigger and initiating product flow).
  7. The ideal spray distance for most surfaces is between 5 and 8 inches from the material. Moving closer reduces the spray pattern and increases the amount of material in a narrower area as well as increasing the chance for drips and areas that need brushed out.
  8. Fully clean your sprayer after each use with the packaging recommended options for the particular product sprayed.

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