What’s the Difference? Water Resistant vs. Waterproof Raingear

September 25, 2020

Rainy Weather Gear

The average city in America has 100 rainy days. Every other day of your life, on average, you’re dealing with rain. Gray skies. That constant sense of heaviness and oppression, all the time. Having the right gear – your jacket, pants and hoodie – becomes a necessity instead of a consideration. It’s the difference between being wet and uncomfortable all day, and being able to work through it.

Carhartt’s waterproof and water-resistant gear is built rugged and durable to protect you from the elements no matter where your work takes you. If you’re trying to choose between water-resistant vs. waterproof, this is the guide you need.

Work doesn’t stop when it rains; it just gets harder, and lugging rain-soaked garments around only adds to the misery. Carhartt’s job site-worthy rain gear eliminates the discomfort. Staying dry, focused and safer is easier with rainwear. It’s made to keep you completely protected from rain and is amazingly comfortable inside. Carhartt makes durable, water-resistant, waterproof and waterproof PVC vinyl rainwear, all of which work hard all day so you can outwork them all.

Depending on your needs, Carhartt offers two distinctive tiers of product that work hard to fight the elements so you don’t have to.


Rainy Weather Gear

Carhartt Rain Defender®
Carhartt Rain Defender® durable, water-repellent finish makes garments rain, mist and snow-resistant. Rain Defender® durable, water-repellent garments are just as functional and comfortable while fishing, hunting, or working. Sturdy, high-performance rainwear is a Carhartt specialty and a necessity for any outdoor worker; it makes the difference between getting the last cord of wood loaded and out of the woods or coming back tomorrow for a longer day. Moisture will bead up and roll off your water-repellent sweatshirt, jacket, overalls, pants, and more. Rain Defender® retains 70% strength even after 20 washings.

Carhartt Rain Defender® is the most diverse line of Carhartt’s weather-resistant gear, featuring outerwear, shirts, pants, sweatshirts and accessories. Carhartt’s water- resistant Rain Defender® gear will hold up against water really well, but it’s not made for getting totally submerged or constantly bombarded by hurricane-like conditions. For the harshest conditions, Carhartt offers its Carhartt Storm Defender® and Carhartt Rainwear, both of which are fully waterproof.


Rainy Weather Gear

Carhartt Storm Defender®
Carhartt Storm Defender® waterproof, breathable technology stops rain while allowing sweat to escape through a breathable membrane. Storm Defender® performs on and off the job, making those weekends the ballgame or the campsite a lot more fun. Carhartt Storm Defender® jackets, pants, and bibs are fully waterproof, whereas the Rain Defender® gear is water-resistant.


Rainy Weather Gear

Carhartt’s PVC workwear is more than just waterproof—it’s weatherproof. Casting a line creekside? Hauling in a heavy net? In the middle of your workday as a crossing guard? Carhartt makes weatherproof hats, jackets, pants, and bibs built to handle storms from mild to fierce, using totally waterproof and strong PVC technology. PVC vinyl fabric ensures that the water rolls right off, so you stay dry when you can’t get inside.

The chief difference between the Carhartt Storm Defender® and Carhartt Rainwear lines is the type of material used. Storm Defender® is breathable material, whereas Carhartt Rainwear is crafted with PVC technology. For the wettest conditions out there, the PVC vinyl rainwear sets the bar. PVC rainwear is Carhartt’s heaviest duty rain gear and is not breathable or quite as versatile as the Storm Defender® gear, but this is what you need to wade in the stream and catch a trout or hold your ground on deck fishing.

If you’re looking for water-repellent clothing you can throw in the wash over and over, Rain Defender® is a great option. If you work in a variety of conditions and want to stay dry and comfortable, Storm Defender® has your back. If you’re in the most rugged, wet conditions, Carhartt’s PVC Rainwear is the only choice for you.

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