Wilco Professional Results Easy Soil Test Kit with Mike Darcy

September 9, 2023

Problem area in your garden? Don’t know what pH level your soil is providing but your desired plants require a specific range? Tried other “kits” that left you wondering or were too complicated?
The simple, but professional Wilco Soil Test Kit might be your answer and give you the confidence to amend and plant with success! Give it a try, you may be surprised at what your soil is telling you!

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When I give lectures to garden groups, and often when I am writing a garden article, I will mention the importance of getting a soil test. If you are going to be amending the soil, how do you know what to amend it with if you do not know what it is lacking? Knowing any nutrient deficiencies and the pH of the soil are two very important factors for a gardener to know.

The drawback on recommending a soil test to home gardeners has been that there has not been a convenient and easy way to get one. However, the process for getting a soil test has just been made much easier thanks to a new complete kit being offered by Wilco and simply called Wilco Soil Test Kit. This is very welcome news, I tried it and the entire process is very easy and the results are very complete.

Wilco, Premium Soil Test Kit

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The actual kit is sold for $29.99 and it has everything needed except your garden soil.
The instructions are very clear and it is easy to understand the process. There is a soil sample bag and I gathered one cup of my garden soil for this bag. While in some cases it would be prudent to gather soil from different areas in the garden, but for me, there was one particular flower bed that I was concerned about and I just gathered a soil sample from this bed.

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Regardless of whether the soil is from one bed or multiple beds, be sure and get the soil from below the top several inches. For the soil test to be of value, the sample should be taken where the plant roots are going to be growing. The soil sample that I used was taken from a depth of one shovel length, which is about 12 inches.

Soil Test Kit 3 - Collection Instructions Blog

I put the soil in the soil sample bag and then put the bag in the return postage paid envelope and dropped it in the mail. In about ten days, I had my results, which were very complete. There were no real surprises in the results because I had a soil test from this area about a year ago and it was interesting to compare the two tests and learn they both gave me similar results.

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If you have problem areas in your garden, a soil test might be the perfect solution to discover if the problem is soil related. If so, then you can make the necessary corrections. This kit will also give you a pH level so you can determine if the soil is acidic, alkaline, or neutral. The best thing is that this makes it easy and convenient for home gardeners to have their soil tested. Give it a try, you may be surprised at what your soil is telling you!

Photo’s courtesy Rich Baer

Price as of May 2021, prices are subject to change.

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