2017 Truck & Forklift Contest

Wilco hosted the 5th annual Truck and Forklift Rodeo where team members from over 25 locations met with family and friends for fun and competition.

The forklift competition included obstacles traveling forward

and in reverse, moving a pallet without disturbing golf balls, and all these obstacles are timed where speed is the tie breaker.  The contestants also had a pre-day inspection on the forklift where they had to identify 5 different issues; one was a missing fire extinguisher tag and another was a chunk missing from a tire.

For Class A and Class B truck, drivers showed precision backing into an alley dock,  aligning the trailer landing gear within a designated square and driving through multiple obstacles.  Drivers performed a pre-trip inspection to identify 10 different setup problems with the vehicle.

The event is fun for the whole family with donuts and coffee in the morning, coloring contests, face painting and balloon animals for the kids, ending with a great BBQ lunch.

An addition this year was the strapping competition.  Competitors were randomly teamed into pairs and they had to toss straps over a tall pallet of shavings to their partner to secure a load, then remove and roll up the straps.

A big thanks to the sponsors and volunteers who help put the event together.  Location Managers, District Managers, Category Managers, Buyers, Marketing, and so many contributed to the success of the event; even Doug, Wilco’s CEO was holding a clipboard judging the truck driving event.

A lot of fun, good competition and a great way to use an event to showcase the safety and importance of quality operation of forklifts and vehicles.


Forklift Winners

  • Matt Bryson – Mt. Angel Agronomy
  • Ryan Richards – Lebanon Farm Store
  • Tyson Pendergraft – Whiteson Agronomy

Class A Truck Winners

  • Chris Miller – Transportation
  • Dustin Clausen – Stayton Agronomy
  • Tom Schiedler – Transportation

Class B Truck Winners

  • Paul Moses – Petroleum
  • Michael Haack – Harrisburg Agronomy
  • Eddie Bohm – Cornelius Agronomy