Canby & Colton Fire Departments Present Community Service Award

A plaque is presented at Canby Wilco in appreciation for needed COVID-19 supplies

A plaque is presented at Canby Wilco in appreciation for needed COVID-19 supplies

CANBY, OR., November 6, 2020 – The Colton and Canby Fire Departments presented an award today to representatives of the Wilco team in appreciation for providing essential personal protective equipment during the pandemic this year.

In March and April when the COVID-19 pandemic created massive shortages in respirators, masks, spray bottles, Tyvek suits, and other supplies critical to first responders and medical teams, Wilco pulled all their supplies off the shelves. Instead of selling them, they were set aside and donated to local fire departments and medical facilities in need.

“We are grateful to receive this award. To us, fire departments and first responders are the heroes, so for them to recognize us is an unexpected honor,” said Jake Wilson, Wilco’s Director of Marketing. “The thank you goes to our supply team, who have been on the phones and chasing products down all year. They are the ones behind-the-scenes who helped make this possible.”

The Wilco merchandising, inventory and distribution teams continued their efforts to source and donate items as the limited supplies were found until first responders were able to get a steady supply again.

The Community Service Recognition plaque reads;

In Recognition to Wilco Farm Stores.
For service to their communities during the COVID-19 pandemic, Colton Fire and Canby Fire recognizes Wilco Farm Stores for providing protective equipment allowing us to deliver safe and continuous medical care at a time when protective equipment was difficult to impossible to acquire throughout the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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