Summer Workwear Showdown: Comparing Carhartt Force, Ariat Rebar, & Wrangler Riggs

July 10, 2024

A man wearing summer workwear clothing baling hay on his farm.

When summer rolls around, it brings the heat and the challenge of staying comfortable and productive in demanding outside work environments. Choosing the right summer workwear can significantly benefit those working outdoors, helping to prevent overheating, ensure comfort, and maintain productivity even under the hot sun.

Let’s look at three leading brands known for their top summer workwear: Carhartt Force, Ariat Rebar, and Wrangler Riggs.

Each brand offers unique features and technologies to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable even on the hottest days. Whether you need breathability, moisture management, or durable fabrics, these brands have something to offer.

Carhartt Force

A man wearing Carhartt Force summer workwear from Wilco Farm Store stepping off his tractor.

Carhartt Force workwear stands out for its advanced technology that keeps you cool, dry, and moving freely as you go about your day.

Their summer workwear collection focuses on breathability and moisture management to combat heat, while reinforced seams and durable fabrics ensure the clothing can withstand the rigors of work. Including lightweight materials and the availability of short-sleeve and sleeveless options provide a balance between protection and comfort.

Here are a few key features that set Carhartt Force workwear apart:

  • FastDry® Technology: Designed to wick away sweat, keeping you dry even under the summer sun.
  • Stain Breaker® Technology: Releases stains in the wash, keeping your gear looking new longer.
  • Rugged Flex® Technology: Provides stretch and recovery so your clothes move with you without holding you back.

Popular Carhartt Force Summer Workwear

A man wearing a green Carhartt Force summer workwear tshirt.

Ariat Rebar

A woman wearing Ariat Rebar summer workwear doing chores on her ranch.

Ariat Rebar workwear is engineered to offer durability, comfort, and protection while ensuring movability and comfort throughout the workday.

With technologies that promote air circulation and moisture-wicking fabrics that keep sweat at bay, the Rebar line is tailored to meet the challenges of summer weather. Lightweight materials ensure clothing doesn’t weigh you down, and sun-protection features guard against harmful UV rays.

The Rebar workwear line showcases several standout features:

  • Durastretch™ Fabric: This innovative fabric offers flexibility and freedom of movement, making it easier to tackle any task without feeling restricted.
  • Water-Repellent Finish: Selected items come with a water-repellent finish, keeping you dry during unexpected summer rain showers.
  • VentTEK™ Technology: A feature that brings body temperature regulation into clothing, with strategically placed mesh panels to enhance airflow and cooling.

Popular Ariat Rebar Summer Workwear

A man doing farm chores in his Ariat Rebar summer workwear clothing.

Wrangler Riggs

A couple working in their barn wearing Wrangler Riggs summer workwear clothing.

Wrangler Riggs responds to the unique demands of summer workwear by focusing on breathability, movement, and durability.

By designing fit for greater mobility and using lightweight and tough fabrics, the Riggs collection ensures that the summer sun and heat don’t slow you down. Pant ventilation features and moisture-wicking materials keep you cool and dry, while sun protection elements shield you from UV rays.

Key features that set Wrangler Riggs workwear apart include:

  • Room2Move® Fit: This design philosophy ensures a greater range of motion, combining comfort with practicality for a fit that moves with you.
  • CORDURA® Fabric Technology: Selected products incorporate Cordura fabric, known for its resistance to tears, scuffs, and abrasions.
  • Triple Needle Stitching: A hallmark of quality, providing extra reinforcement that significantly extends the garment’s life.

Popular Wrangler Riggs Summer Workwear

A man shovling gravel in a red Wrangler Riggs summer workwear tshirt from Wilco Farm Store.

Tips for Choosing Summer Workwear

Selecting the right summer workwear is important for maintaining comfort, efficiency, and safety during warmer months. Here are a few tips to help find workwear that meets your needs:

  • Prioritize breathability and moisture management: Look for garments with moisture-wicking and quick-drying features to keep you dry and comfortable. These are essential in preventing overheating and ensuring that sweat does not become a distraction.
  • Don’t sacrifice durability for comfort: Choose lightweight materials strong enough to withstand the rigors of summer work. Ripstop fabric and reinforced stitching are indicators of durable garments.
  • Consider sun protection: Opt for workwear with built-in UV protection to shield yourself from the sun’s rays. If made from the right materials, long sleeves can offer protection while keeping you cool.
  • Select the proper fit: Ensure your workwear balances between tight and loose. Clothing restricting movement keeps you from performing tasks efficiently, while overly loose garments may catch on equipment or machinery.
  • Materials matter: For summer workwear, look for lightweight, breathable fabrics that facilitate air circulation. For more information on materials, read The Ultimate Guide to Workwear Fabrics.

The Best Summer Workwear for Your Needs

Carhartt Force, Ariat Rebar, and Wrangler Riggs each offer unique summer workwear solutions. Choosing the right workwear will keep you comfortable, productive, and protected during the hot summer days.