Wilco Purchases McLain Family Farm & Feed of Albany, OR

Wilco, a farmer-owned agricultural cooperative from Mt. Angel, Oregon, has agreed to purchase McLain Family Farm & Feed of Albany, Oregon and will relocate the business to their Lebanon and Corvallis stores.

ALBANY, OREGON – Timing was perfect for both McLain Feed and Wilco.  As the business’ only employees, Owners Dennis and Melissa McLain have been considering a lifestyle change at the same time Wilco was looking to expand its market share on livestock and show feeds. The timing provided an opportunity for both parties, and comes on the heels of Wilco’s recent addition of Associated Show Maker and Show Rite Feeds.

TJ Colson, Wilco District Manager, characterized the agreement by saying, “This is a great opportunity for Wilco to meet the needs of rural living youth and serve new customers in key markets while opening up options for the McLain family to do things they have been thinking about for some time.”

The plan has Wilco acquiring McLain’s retail feed business in the coming week, coinciding with McLain’s last day open as a feed store on April 4th. The sale of McLain Feed will not affect the family’s show pig business.

Owner Dennis McLain has agreed to an Ambassador role for Wilco and Wilco will continue to sell many of the niche feed products McLain’s customers are accustom to buying.

Dennis McLain said, “Our feed business has served the Albany area for over 10 years and we are very grateful to the community for their support. I will continue raising 4-H/FFA project pigs each year but the timing of selling the feed business coincides perfectly with my desire to spend more quality time with my family. Melissa and I feel that Wilco will carry-on the wonderful customer service that this community deserves.”