Wilco-Winfield purchases Greenleaf Application Services

Wilco-Winfield has agreed to purchase Greenleaf Application Services based in St. Paul Oregon.  The purchase will incorporate Greenleaf’s application equipment and owner Mark Smith’s reputation among growers for superior service.  The addition of Greenleaf’s assets is part of an ongoing service enhancement imitative at Wilco-Winfield termed “Connected to the Grower, Committed to the Acre”.

“The addition of Greenleaf’s business will bolster Wilco-Winfield’s custom application capacities to treat more than 1800 acres of both liquid and dry applications per day”, Said Bill Hubbell, General Manager of Wilco-Winfield.  “In addition to enhancing our capacity, we’re excited to add Mark’s talent to our teams 150 years of collective experience.”

This investment in custom application further enables Wilco-Winfield’s TRAX program.  TRAX enables digital collaboration and documentation with growers from crop planning to application.  This includes a documented workflow from field scouting, to recommendations to the grower, to applicators like Mark who apply the recommendation while providing communication and updates back to the grower.  The digital workflow used by the TRAX service aims to keep the grower directly connected to the process while easing their record-keeping burden.  The purchase of Greenleaf allows Wilco-Winfield more capacity to apply those recommendations.

Wilco-Winfield LLC is based in Mt Angel Oregon. A joint venture of Wilco (Mt Angel OR) and Winfield Solutions, a Land O Lakes Company (Shoreview MN), it provides full service agronomy inputs such as fertilizer and crop protection products and services to agricultural and horticultural markets.