Tanker Accident Near Cornelius

Yesterday at approximately 11:45 we had a truck hauling liquid fertilizer overturn on Cornelius Pass Road.  We’re happy to report nobody was hurt and no other vehicles involved.

Crews were able to pump a majority of the fertilizer into another tanker, but not before some had leaked due to the overturn.  We have two private cleanup companies involved and have already cleaned up a large portion of the spill.  Our primary focus is to work with local and state agencies to safely finish the cleanup and reopen the road.  When we have more information available we’ll provide updates.

Our thanks to the speed at which County Sheriffs, Tualatin Valley Fire and other first responders arrived at the scene.  The teamwork of everyone involved is something we appreciate and will rely upon until the site is clean and road reopened.

 If you have any concerns or questions, please call our office in Mt. Angel at 800.382.5339