Update: Cornelius Pass Road Accident

Update July 23,2013:

After multiple cleanup excavation efforts, water tests and soil tests over the past week-and-a-half, we are pleased to have confirmation from our environmental consultants and the Department of Environmental Quality that initial cleanup is complete. The next step is testing and monitoring of the site through the next rainy periods. We’ll closely monitor the runoff from rain to be sure additional contaminants are not flushed out of the soil. If they are, we’ll be able to act upon the new information. We’d like to express sincere thanks to all who have worked long hours to oversee the cleanup.

Update/Cornelius Pass Road Accident:

We are glad to report that the site of Wednesday’s accident on Cornelius Pass Road is now completely cleaned up with traffic moving normally. We’d like to say thank you to the agencies and first-responders who helped us get everything cleaned up as quickly as possible, and to the local public and neighbors for your patience and understanding as we went about cleaning the scene and removing contaminants. ODFW has been to the site again today checking the stream conditions and are indicating that all is well. Officials from ODFW will be back on the scene again on Monday to check stream conditions once more. Wilco will continue to stay in touch with officials and be proactive with any further actions that need to be taken to protect the environment.